The Moon's Ascent

I arrive at the put in to Little Trout Bay in Canada
at about 8:30p.m. and by 9:00p.m. my kayak loaded, I'm
on the water. As I paddle into the bay, the sky behind
me is filled with wisps of scarlet clouds, the effects
of the setting sun. The water is glassy and tinged a
deep green. As I get closer to the open waters of Lake
Superior the call of Loons echoes through the air. The
night sky is dark before me now and I am gently rising
and falling with the swells on the still glassy
waters. Every so often I approach a group of floating
gulls and as I near they take wing and call loudly as
they rise above me. I'm not sure exactly where the
moon will rise tonight so I head further into the lake
to be sure the islands before me do not block my view.
Suddenly ahead and off to my right a bright pink glow
alights on the horizon. The night breeze on the lake
is comfortably cool and I stop paddling to fully enjoy
the spectacle that is unfolding before me. As the moon
continues to rise it's shape is sometimes slightly
distorted by a distant fog bank. By the time the moon
is fully off the surface of the water it is still a
bright pink glowing orb in the sky which is reflected
onto the waters below. Soon though the colors will
change as the moon continues it's ascent into the
night sky. As the darkness grows, stars begin to
appear. I resume my paddling now and head toward the
cliffs and trees that form the towering dome that is
Tiger Island. With increasing clarity, I hear the
sound of the waves gently pounding the shore and the
smell of the pine trees wafts through the air.. The
gulls are present in much greater numbers here along
the rocks and the air is filled with their raucous
calls. The moon by now has slipped from pink to orange
to yellow and now a brilliant white. I am bathed in
it's glow and the trees are silhouetted on the islands
before me. As I experience the beauty of the night, I
think how fortunate I am to be able to have this
experience and so many others like it. Thoughts have
been filling my head since my arrival on the water,
actually they've been there for quite some time now.
As I revel in this splendor that surrounds me, I think
of her and wish she were here to share this with me
now. :o)

Gregg Berman :o)