Gregg Berman, your Guide

Gregg Berman, your Guide

Science is showing the benefits and even the need for our connection to the more than human world. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits all evolved in conjunction with the natural world. There is no separating us from nature, we are nature.


As we evolved as a species, our nervous systems physiologically attuned to natures sights, colors, textures, to natural sounds of bird song or water flowing, our biorhythms attuned to the movements of the sun and the change of seasons. Psychologically we need nature as well. Research is showing that as little as a few hours connecting with nature can have benefits that last for weeks.

Studies on the benefits of nature include the discoveries of phytoncides (volatile chemicals released from plants) that help boost our immune function and fight cancer, reduction in blood pressure, anti depression chemicals found in the soil, increased ability to focus, mood elevation, increased energy levels and more. In addition there is increasing evidence of time spent in nature’s effect on increased ability to communicate, clearer intuition, deepening of eros and life energy.

It has been so well researched that in Japan, their physicians now prescribe nature therapy and there are a series of locations around the country where people go to experience shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, a deep sensorial connection with nature. Now you don't have to go to Japan to experience it.


“Gregg Berman is the perfect guide for a journey into mindfulness, reflection and playful exploration in nature. His own feelings of ease and connection with the forest are infectious. I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. We grounded ourselves and opened our senses. Gregg guided us in meditation and through solo and partnered activities. How challenging these are-- how far outside your comfort zone-- is up to you. It was a wonderful way to disconnect from my busy life and reconnect to something larger. Gregg did a marvelous job facilitating this journey and reminding us how safe, accessible and abundant nature can be.”

- Laura, Davis

“I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and these walks with Gregg have always been a huge help for me, with the calming effects often lasting at least well into the following week. Gregg's approach of moving in an extremely intentional way through nature, guiding a journey as much internal as external, is a welcome contrast to the "book learning" of other nature guide experiences I've had. It's nice being able to identify flora, but I'd much rather feel my own body and be present in the moment, something Gregg has helped me to do repeatedly. I totally recommend this if you have time and a desire to show up for yourself. If you're trying to bookend 4 different things in a day, this won't be a great fit. If you want to expand into your own experience, you'll have a wonderful time.”

- Steve, San Francisco