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“You may imagine a walk in nature as hearing and seeing interesting facts about local flora and fauna. But you haven't yet taken a walk with Gregg. He includes the "deeper you" in his experiences. His gentle invitations prompt us to not only see nature from a different perspective but also just BE in nature and express ourselves from that place. With Gregg we become attuned together in nature. This is what is really special about walks with Gregg. We find ourselves tuning into the people we came with in delightful, unanticipated ways. Gregg's walks are ideal for families that are longing for simple ways to just be together without cell phone interruptions from young and old. Whether you're a group with members who know each other well or a group of people just getting to know each other, Gregg provides wonderfully connective experiences wrapped in Nature Herself.”

-Eric P.

 “My son and I attended last Sunday one of Gregg's Shinrin Roku Forest Bath experiences. It was absolutely wonderful, meditating, sensing, sharing with each other in the most beautiful Redwood forest. Gregg was attentive, inspiring, creative and trust enducing. Given my personal experience I love to recommend you to share the experience with a loved one. It does not only brings you closer to nature but also to your child, partner, friend...”

-Susannah J.

“I have always turned to nature as a source of renewal and connection to myself and to the world. As I enter a time of much transition in my life, I knew that I needed to connect with nature in deeper, more intentional ways. When the opportunity to attend a forest therapy walk with Gregg Berman came up, I did not hesitate. What I experienced, in community with eight other beautiful souls, was a carefully tended and profound container for the depth of connection I was seeking. More, I learned specific practices that I can use at other times to draw wisdom and healing from natural places in new ways. I will definitely attend future walks.”

-Michaela D.

“I did a forest walk with Gregg. I was looking for connection to nature to help me find answers to difficult questions I had bubbled up inside me. My work life was really stressful at the time and I was feeling disconnected from my partner. I have this center of calmness and peace that I can tap into when things get hectic. It's an amazing skill to have, but it does get depleted from time to time. When I first got into the walk, I was anxious and easily distracted. The one exercise that really cracked at my anxiety was the trust walk. It was beautifully led and I felt held by my partner in the exercise. I felt safe enough to play, which was huge for me! I left from the walk feeling grounded and present to the sensations in my body. I felt like my center was restored.”

-Nikitee A.

“For any creative soul who might spend a lot of time in front of a computer, sitting indoors, perhaps with a lot of mental chatter in the headspace or, feeling caught between competing demands, I recommend the restorative change of pace Gregg offers through his "forest bathing" walks. You may already love getting out into nature to recharge. Or, maybe you feel like you don't get outdoors enough. Either way, experiencing one of these guided group walks In Connection with Nature will be unlike whatever you might imagine -- and, that's a good thing. Through a series of creative "invitations" outdoors to awaken your senses, I never know what will "show up" in my internal experience. Whatever I end up noticing, effectively deepens my connection with myself first. I can relax, center and, more fully resource myself with the natural wisdom -- beyond linear thought and reason -- which is already available to me. The elements of subtlety, depth, playful curiosity and surprise which unfold through an organic, group experience isn't just a rich shared experience. For me, it anchors an important reminder of my own nature as part of nature -- simply being part of the boundless wonder, power and magnificence. Without efforting to be! With the freedom and permission to be with all that is, just as we are, the non-judgmental "container" created being In Connection with Nature offers a magical and healing opportunity to welcome everything we may feel, spanning wordless grief to ecstatic joy. And, through the lenses into the outer and inner worlds simultaneously, the opportunity here to come fully alive and be present to our deeper truths is a gift -- that, not only we get to give to ourselves in the forest but, that we get to maintain for ourselves even after leaving the forest.”

-Joy C.


“I have experienced both a forest walk and EFT (tapping) session with Gregg. I could not recommend both therapeutic modalities more wholeheartedly or enthusiastically! In SF, city dwellers have an opportunity to escape into lush forest, after a mere 10-20 minutes of travel time. As we walked through the forest, Gregg challenged us to be truly present in the moment. We frequently stopped to observe our surroundings, engage in introspective silence, and simply connect. After only 3 hours I felt more joy, love, peace -and a heightened sense of awareness of myself and my environment- then I have in the past 5 years. My tapping sessions have been just as transformative. Guided by Gregg, I was able to gain a deeper awareness of my own emotional blocks, defense mechanisms, and strengths. Gregg is both incredibly perceptive and intuitive, and he employs both to great benefit throughout a session. I was initially skeptical to try a tapping session to treat a throbbing migraine, but under one hour later, I was both pain free, and a believer. I also tapped with Gregg before a high pressure licensure exam. Although I cannot attribute my success wholly to our pre-exam tapping session, I am certain that it helped me to maintain equanimity in the face of incredible stress. There is a saying that 'some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul'; Gregg truly touches one's soul.”

-Velainor P.

“Gregg is an extraordinarily skilled EFT/tapping practitioner. Soft spoken and gentle with a warm heart and sense of humor, he quickly brings you to a place of trust and openness to look deeper into your own being. Gregg has such a natural grace as a practitioner, like a world-class ice skater gliding effortlessly across the ice, he makes it seem so easy I thought I could do just as well on my own...until he was away for several weeks. I then found it nearly impossible to fully focus on the issue I was tapping while at the same time move forward into deeper interconnected issues. Without hesitation, if you are someone seeking to address and heal your deeper issues, I would highly recommend Gregg.”

-Christina C.

“My sessions of EFT have been wonderful with Gregg. I went in on my first session a bit skeptical but with and open mind. I had some knowledge of the process from that I have read on the internet and that the process involves "tapping" . Gregg makes scheduling quite convenient because he can do it in person or via FaceTime. So I thought that it would take about 45 mins to an hour or so. My session ended up being 1.5 hours. I didn't know what to expect nor did I have a major primary goal. The only thing I knew is that I wanted some changes in my life. Gregg has a great ear and is able to ask just the right questions that help you to learn about yourself as well as guide you as to what your looking for within yourself. He makes the experience very comfortable where I felt at ease and safe to open myself up to be honest with him and myself. Since my first session I have had 3-4 more and with each session, I feel so much better, more lifted and freer. I absolutely recommend EFT with Gregg.”

-Suzanne M.

“Gregg holds an exquisitely safe space for more of me to unfold. Each part of my being who has something to say is welcome and encouraged to be seen and felt and to speak. Gregg's spot-on intuition guides me deeper towards myself with curiousity. Tapping with Gregg leads me on a journey of fuller expression and expands my ability to see new perspectives. Gregg's grounded and powerful presence actively witnesses me to see and feel.. & to h e a l.”

-Kelly L.

“Gregg connected compassionately with the concerns I presented. My EFT sessions with him helped move me to several profound personal insights. His warm and caring manner made it easy for me to open up. His ability to guide the sessions and incorporate reflective exercises for exploring emotions such as grief and self-sabotage was amazing. He gave me some super helpful tools and techniques to help me continue my healing work on my own in the days and weeks following. I would highly recommend Gregg as an EFT practitioner. He is a powerful guide for personal growth.”

-Susan A.

“I have very bad insomnia and my life has been stressful lately. I was feeling distance from my husband. Gregg has been a great help for me. I did a few EFT sessions with Gregg and I can feel the calmness, peace and acceptance after each session. Gregg is So Gifted, he has this amazing way to help me feel so much better, and able to connect with myself.”

-Thao L.